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Field Renovations

The City has an annual renovation and maintenance program for sports fields and facilities. This renovation program will take priority over any use of the facility.

Major field renovation work is required to ensure the fields are in a safe and useable playing condition. This usually occurs between September and December as this is the ideal growing period.
The type of renovation work undertaken on sports fields can include:
  • Coring – Mechanical removal of soil core, which is then dragged back across the surface, broken up and minor top dresses the surface. Decompacts and aerates the field.
  • Scarification – mechanical thatch removal via a mower with vertical blades. Thins the turf surface and removes old grass. Completed in single or double directions, dependent on conditions and timeframes.
  • Topdressing – Application of soil or sand to alleviate undulations and unevenness of the surface.
  • Recycling Top Dresser – pulls soil up from 200mm down in the surface profile and spreads it evenly across the surface behind the machine.
  • Verti Draining – punches holes via a multiple solid tine aerator deep into the surface and decompacts the profile as it is removed. Relieves compaction, allowing air, water and fertiliser to disperse into the soil.
  • Resurface – Use exiting levels and soil conditions, remove existing turf and re-lay with new turf variety.
  • Rebuild – Using a rotary hoe, amend soil conditions and reshape surface via laser machinery to provide a more consistent, well drained playing surface.
  • Amendment Program – material to improve the soil and decrease nutritional deficiencies. Applied before renovations commend as most renovation work involves the profile.

For further information, please contact Recreational Services on 07 5581 6984 during business hours or click here to email.

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