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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Right of Use (ROU)?
To be eligible to obtain ROU you must be an organisation that is incorporated, community based, non-profit and draw the majority of members from within the City boundaries.  Public Liability Insurance not less than $20 million is also required.

What fees apply?
The annual/ seasonal fee for ROU is determined by Council, subject to variation on an annual basis and applies to each individual facility required (for example, if your club utilises two separate facilities then two separate fees will apply).  Click here for the new ROU fee structure.

How do I apply for ROU?
ROU application forms are available online and sent to organisations at the end of each year. Applications must specify exact times, days and dates facilities are to be used and the activitity it is being used for (ie. training or competition).  Allocations are generally confirmed in February via a ROU permit and will include an invoice for the usage.

How are the fields allocated?
The City's fields and facilities are allocated annually, with the sport or activity that is ‘in season’ taking priority. The allocation will be on the basis of user needs only and blanket bookings will not be accepted.  Fields and facilities will be made available to other user groups during times which are free from a ROU booking.  Individual bookings can be made at any time during the year to accommodate additional usage requests. 

Can I give approval for another group to use the facilities under our ROU?
ROU permit holders DO NOT have the authority to approve use of the City's sport and recreational facilities for any other user group.  Approval must be obtained from Council and organisations are to direct any enquires to the City's Recreational Services section.

For further information, please contact Recreational Services on 07 5581 6984 during business hours or click here to email.


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