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Sustainability Audits

Under the City of Gold Coast’s Leaseholder Sustainability Framework, the goal is for all community leaseholders to achieve high levels of organisational capacity.

The Sustainability Audit assists in identifying the current level of an organisations capacity and discusses initiatives that may or may not be in place which have been identified as current ‘best practice’. The aim is that over time, all leaseholders will implement initiatives to a ‘low risk’ status and provide an optimal service to the community.

A Sustainability Audit is triggered by a lease expiry or renewal, requests for capital improvements to a facility, to obtain funding through the City’s Community Facility Contribution grant and letters of support for grant funding applications.

Click here for the Leaseholder Sustainabilty Audit process and template (refer to section 2.1).

For further information, please contact:

Liz Muenchow
Senior Development Officer - Recreational Services
Ph: 07 5581 6188
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