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young girl walking dogThe Gold Coast has some fantastic places for your dog to unleash!  Exercising your dog can reduce aggressive behaviour, reduce stress and stress related habits such as digging/barking at home, reduce boredom, improve mental stimulation and enhance the general well-being of your animal. 

Please remember to always consider those who may also use the area and pick up your dog faeces. Heavily used areas may have a bin provided with disposal bags attached and normal bins can also be used as receptacles. To keep the areas environmentally friendly, it is up to the individual to be a responsible pet owner. The exercise areas are leash free zones and it is up to the owner to be responsible and maintain control of their dog while using the exercise areas. 

A dog is under off leash effective control if it responds to the command of the person exercising the dog and it remains in the immediate vicinity of the person exercising the dog.


For information about leash-free dog exercise areas, download the brochure below:

Off-Leash Dog Areas Brochure (PDF 1.21MB)

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