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We regularly maintain parks for the use of our residents.  Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about park maintenance.

1.   I am worried about a tree on Council controlled property, what can I do about it?

Please contact Council, who will have an officer inspect the tree and surrounding area.  Don’t attempt to do any work on the tree yourself.  If the tree you are concerned about is on Council controlled public property please call (07) 5667 5974.

Note: if you require a tree on Council land removed, a tree removal form must be completed.  The form is available online at Council's website or contact the above numbers for a form to be mailed to you.  If you are concerned about a tree on private property you can contact (07) 55828 688.

2.    If a park, sports field or garden bed looks untidy, whom do I  contact?
Gold Coast Parks are maintained by Council on a regular basis.  However, if a park needs attention contact Parks Maintenance Services for the following areas please call (07) 5667 5974.

3.    Will Council mow my naturestrip?
Naturestrip maintenance is the responsibility of the resident, however, written requests are considered to assist residents who can demonstrate financial, economic or medical hardship.
All nature strip mowing applications are to be submitted in writing to Gold Coast Parks, PO Box 5042, Gold Coast MC, Qld 9729 and should include the following:

  • name, address and phone number, and
  • a medical certificate from a registered physician which states you are unable to mow your nature strip area due to medical reasons. Other documentation demonstrating your physical incapacity such as a disability card or participation in programs such as Home Care or Blue Nursing will suffice, and
  • a Statutory Declaration stating that you do not have the financial capacity to employ a contractor to perform the service (documentary support of you pensioner status will suffice), or
  • advice that the topographical nature of your footpath prevents you from mowing

In accordance with Council's Nature Strip Footpath / Road Verge Mowing Policy, this service will be reviewed annually to ensure residents remain eligible and maintain the accuracy of Council mowing service records. Council will require applications including the above information to be updated and resubmitted on an annual basis. The Medical Certificate is not required if the original confirmed a permanent disability. Applicants will be allowed a two-month period to resubmit applications before any termination of services.

4.    If play equipment or shade sails need to be repaired, who do I call?

Please contact Parks Maintenance Services on (07) 5667 5974.

5.    Who do I contact for other enquiries?

Building Maintenance look after the following, and can be contacted on (07) 5667 5974.

  • Graffiti on Council property
  • BBQ/hot water not working
  • Lights in parks not working
  • Leaking taps/showers in parks or beach
  • Damaged picnic facilities
  • Damaged irrigation




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