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All Abilities Playground, Kurrawa


Gold Coast City Council and Disability Services Queensland joined forces to create the Gold Coast's first 'All Abilities Playground' at Kurrawa Pratten Park, Broadbeach.  The park has proved extremely popular, providing an innovative, unique and enteratining play space for kids of all ages!

The playground incorporates sensory, motor, imaginative and educational aspects of play and was designed to enable children with disabilities to play outdoors and side by side with their friends and siblings.

The playground’s design features three zones – sandcastle, undersea and hill – all connected via a network of pathways and six interactive community art projects, created by 70 special education students from six local schools and local artists.   

The recently completed second stage of the playground includes the sandcastle and undersea zones, with a host of sea-themed playground features.

The sandcastle zone includes: 

  • a giant accessible sandcastle with a ramp leading to a central turret look out
  • sea side shapes - starfish, sea horse, blue bottle, hermit crab
  • two large sand pits and three sand tables 
  • water jets to assist with sand shaping
  • talking tube for children to communicate across the playground
  • beach ball seats
  • rubber surface for softness
  • a shade structure

The undersea zone includes:

  • a giant, accessible yellow submarine set below ground level to simulate an undersea environment 
  • sea creatures - giant sea snake, sting ray, fish, mermaid, diver
  • sea grass mounds for play

The playground provides access for all children to experience fun, interactive and challenging play, while their families and carers watch over them in an enjoyable and relaxing environment. 

Stage One recently took out the State prize in the 2011 Inclusive Community Champion Awards, coordinated by the Spinal Injuries Association. 

Basket swing Sway fun rocker





What's in the playground?

 The entirely fenced playground features several zones of play to address the varied play abilities and ages. The community was heavily involved in developing the playground concept.  Fun days, workshops, and creative arts school based curriculum have all contributed to the playground design. 

school kids with their posters of playground ideasThe playground’s design features three zones - Sandcastle, Undersea and Hill – all connected via a network of pathways and six interactive community art projects, created by 70 special education students from six local schools.   
Other features of the playground include sand play, spring toys, stepping blocks, hill slides, a giant basket swing, sway swings, a flying fox and a carousel with harnesses.
The playground includes a large sandcastle structure with sound tubes – pipes through which children can listen to each other speak over a distance of six metres; raised tables to enable wheelchair access and sand play; and a submarine and mermaid in the Undersea zone. 

All Abilities change room

A key aspect of the All Abilities Playground is the amenities block which features an MLAK key access change room with a changing bench and hoist. It was developed especially for people with high physical support needs and their families. The facility is only the second in an outdoor playground in Australia.
Click on the key below to download a fact sheet on the special change room.
Additional information to review prior to your visit includes:

Play in the All Abilities Playground on-line

A fantastic on-line All Abilities Playground game has been developed.  Visit the website to play the virtual game.  There are entertaining activities as well as four great games to play.


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