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Environmental weeds

An Environmental Weed can be defined as a plant growing out of its natural range that has the potential to cause negative environmental, social or economic impacts.  Environmental weeds have the ability to invade our bushland, beaches and waterways threatening our natural environment.  The Gold Coast is one of the most biologically diverse cities in Australia and the presence of environmental weeds is a serious threat to the richness of this biodiversity.

Environmental weeds are foreign plants either accidentally or intentionally introduced into Australia.  They can also be native plants that have become weedy due to inappropriate management, or because they are outside of their normal range.

Environmental weeds change the balance and diversity of natural systems threatening the survival of native flora and fauna species.  Weeds out-compete native plants for nutrients, water, sunlight and space.  Weeds transform landscapes,  choke waterways, inhibit native seed germination and alter native animal habitat and food sources.


Environmental weeds booklet

Council has produced a weeds booklet that aims to help residents identify common weeds found on the Gold Coast and provide information about appropriate weed control and removal methods.

For a copy of the new Environmental Weeds of the Gold Coast booklet contact Council's Customer Service on (07) 5581 1521 or download here. (PDF 3.46MB) 

For more information on the flora and fauna species of the Gold Coast, visit our Gold Coast Flora and Fauna websites please visit and click here.


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