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You know how to get active with Council's Active & Healthy you can get healthy with our healthy eating and cooking workshops!  There are over 150 different workshops on offer, with many free or low cost.  They include information to help you confidently choose, prepare, cook and eat a great range of seasonal healthy food every day.

Why eat and cook with seasonal produce? 

  • It’s cheaper -  seasonal food doesn’t require as much labour to grow. Making it much more economical to feed the family.
  • It’s tastier - when it can grow naturally, it tastes better. You get more out of your food.
  • It’s healthier - seasonal food is at its peak so it has more nutrients and is in tune with our nutritional needs. Try and buy your food from Local Growers or Farmers’ Markets.
  • It’s easier - buying seasonally means produce is more available and easy to find.
  • It’s fun - let mother nature set your menu and try cooking with seasonal produce for more variety and better tasting meals.


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It's never too late to benefit from a healthy lifestyle!  Healthy eating and being active is good for your health and good for you! 

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