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Live too far away to walk or cycle to your destination? Why not give carpooling a try, and share a ride with people who live around you.

How to organise a carpool. Carpooling can be organised as informally or formally as you prefer. Some considerations are:

  • to start thinking about which groups of people have similar transport needs as yours. Is the group heading in the same general direction (e.g. to Southport) or to the same destination (your work or your children’s school)?
  • which groups match the best? They could be found at school, work, in sporting groups, in your neighbourhood next door or in your circle of friends
  • talk to people directly or post notices in the workplace, school or other destination to gauge interest in forming a carpooling group
  • in a workplace situation you could host a postcode morning tea to enable staff to meet potential carpool colleagues that reside in their area

Hints and tips. Some basic hints and tips to make sure your carpool is successful:

  • seating - seat larger people in the front, smaller people in the back
  • etiquette. –be sure you all agree on car etiquette for smoking, music, eating and drinking
  • back up plan - exchange contact details and agree in advance on what is to happen should there be an illness, mechanical problems or any other unforeseen hold-up
  • conversation - enjoy it, it is a great way to socialise
  • driving - roster driving responsibilities if driving is to be shared
  • money - share costs. If one car is being used, establish a ‘fare’ based on fuel, maintenance and parking costs
  • be punctual - wait at the designated pick-up point at least a few minutes before the agreed pick-up time
  • late rules - someone is bound to be late at some stage. Agree on a standard wait time, five minutes is generally considered fair
  • the route - agree on the route, where the pick-up points will be and pick-up points for the return trip home
  • the car - maintain your car for a safe, reliable and economical ride

Carpool benefits:

  • environment - carpooling means fewer cars on the road, which means less traffic congestion, less greenhouse gases, less pollution and less noise
  • cost - the Australian Automotive Association estimates that the average mid-sized car commuter spends $7500 a year, or $15 a day, using their car to get to work. Larger cars cost over $9000. This does not include parking fees. Carpooling saves on your daily costs including fuel, maintenance and parking fees
  • time - utilise a dedicated transit lane to shorten your journey
  • Social interaction – share the trip with friends and workmates


How to Actively Travel:

walk iconwalk - walking costs nothing, reduces stress and improves fitness

Cycle to workcycle – a great way to travel and exercise at the same time

public transport iconuse public transport - save money getting to school and work

car pool iconcarpool – save money on daily costs including fuel, maintenance and parking fees


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