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Cycling is enjoyed by people of all ages. Cycling is becoming increasingly popular for commuting as well as for recreation. It is cheaper than driving, causes less pollution and can be quicker for short trips, especially in peak hour.

Gold Coast City Council has incorporated on road and off road bikeways into the city’s town planning guidelines. More than 600 kilometres of bikeways now link neighbourhoods, schools, parks, and interconnect with major transit routes.

Cycling benefits. Click here to view the many benefits cycling has to offer.

Cycle Guide - local maps. The following maps form part of the latest Gold Coast Cycling Guide. The maps inform cyclists of the existing bikeways throughout the city and provide information that will make cycling safer and more enjoyable. Click here to view.

Bike lockers at train stations. Queensland Rail supplies bike lockers and bike compounds at most Gold Coast stations. Click here to register for a locker or view locker locations.

Map my Ride. Create your own cycle route on the Gold Coast or view other people’s favourite cycle maps.

Safety tips. Click here to view recommended safety tips for cyclists.

Road rules – know the facts. As a bicycle rider, you are driving a legal vehicle. You have the same rights and responsibilities as any other driver on the road. Click here to view current road rules or click here to view our 'Shared Roads' flyer with tips on how drivers and cyclists can share the road. 

Shared pathways. With more and more locals and visitors using shared pathways on the Gold Coast, click here for some tips to help make our shared roads safer for everyone.


How to Actively Travel:

walk iconwalk - walking costs nothing, reduces stress and improves fitness

Cycle to workcycle – a great way to travel and exercise at the same time

public transport iconuse public transport - save money getting to school and work

car pool iconcarpool – save money on daily costs including fuel, maintenance and parking fees




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