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Active Travel

 Active Travel-Cycling, pedestrian networks and sustainable transport

Change the way you move and cycle to your next destination for fun, fitness and smart transport.

By choosing to walk, cycle, carpool or catch public transport your doing yourself, your community and the environment a favour.

Like hundreds of school kids across the Gold Coast who participate in 'Walking and Wheeling Wednesdays', why not start by changing the way you move one day a week? If you can't walk or cycle the whole way, take public transport for part of your journey.


Cycling in Gold Coast City

Change the way you move and ride a bike to your next destination for fun, fitness and smart transport. With approximately 800 kilometres of bikeways that link neighbourhoods, schools, foreshores and parks, and interconnect with major transit routes the Gold Coast is a great place to cycle.


Plan your journey - Gold Coast Cycling Guide

This guide provides general cycling advice and information, including cycle network routes, cycle lanes and bicycle clubs and organisations.


Free cycling workshops and safety tips

The City of Gold Coast offers a series of free workshops to help you get your bike and enjoy the many benefits that cycling provides.


Active school travel

The City of Gold Coast works with schools to reduce traffic congestion by encouraging families to walk, cycle, scooter, skate, carpool or use public transport to and from school.


Ride to work

Commuting by bike is a fun, time efficient way to get to and from work that reduces road congestion and improves the environment. It also saves you money and keeps you fit and healthy.


Walking, public transport and car pooling

Walking, catching public transport and carpooling are great ways to actively travel in our city. You may even consider driving part of the way or combining public transport with your ride or walk.






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